Things you will need:1 Skate board deck1 sheet skate board deck ... ... trucks4 ... wheels8 ... wheel ... risers1 set of mounting ... philips head ... s Things you will need:1 Skate board deck1 sheet skate board deck griptape2 skateboard trucks4 skateboard wheels8 skateboard wheel bearings2 risers1 set of mounting hardware1 philips head screwdriver1 skate tool1 metal file1 sharp razorblade1. First apply the skate board deck grip tape. By unpeeling the backing and then carefully stick the tape evenly on the top surface of the skate deck. File down the grip tape around the edges of the skateboard, and then carefully use the razorblade to slice off the excess grip tape that hangs over the edges on the skatedeck.2. Next, attach your skate trucks to your skateboard deck. Use one of the screws from the mounting hardware to poke a hole in the griptape. Then push the mounting hardware from the top of the skatedeck to the bottom.3. Now slide the risers over the hardware. Next slide your skate trucks on. Make sure that the bushings from the trucks point toward each other or face the center of the board. Tighten the nut with the skate tool until it's flush with the trucks. Warning: Do not over tighten; you can cause the wood to split.4. Now press the bearings into your wheels using the skate tool. Repeat this for all four wheels. If you do not have a skate tool. You can use your axe on the trucks by placing the bearing on the axel and then pressing the wheel into the bearing, causing the bearing to slip into the wheel. Warning: Be very carefull not to dent or pinch the metal seal around the sides of the bearing. This will ruin the bearings and cause them not to spin!5. Once the bearings are in place, you can put the on the trucks. Do not over tighten this will crush the bearing causing it not to role.6. Now the board is ready to skate. You may need to fine tune the trucks to your liking by loosening them or tighten them. The looser the trucks the easier to carve.7. Once you are done you can always customize your board with some stickersRemember to skate safe and wear your pads when needed. Article Tags: Skate Board, Grip Tape, Skate Tool Source: Free Articles from